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Used NDK Explorer Elite – British Racing Green/White/ Yellow

MIKCo originally sold this boat and owner later traded in on another. Lighter elite layup, custom front bulkhead of 33″, IR custom backband, slider skeg. Condition is excellent. Lightly used (days a year), never been broken, no cuts or gouges. Ready for you to paddle now!

Price: $1,950.00

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Used VPC Skerrey Standard Used – Maroon/Grey/Golden Yellow

Price: $1,950.00

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Used Outer Island Woodstrip Kayak

Designed by Jay Babina for performance, rolling ability, low windage and speed. It’s a low volume strip-built, West Greenland style for intermediate to advanced paddlers. Beam is 21″, length 18′. This build has mahogany inserts around the excellent kayak sport hatches, day hatch, triple bulkheads and a beautiful carbon composite cockpit rim. As I recall, its covered in a 6 and 8 oz cloth so is as strong as any boat. It’s had very few days in the water, is mostly stored inside, and is nearly scratchless.

Price: $2,150.00

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Used VCP Aquanaut Carbon Kevlar layup – Maroon/Yellow/White

MIKCo sold this Valley Aquanaut, their excellent answer to the NDK Explorer. A bit more cockpit space, Valley’s super efficient hull, slider skeg, 3 Valley hatches (best in business), Silva 70 P compass installed by MIKCo. Boat is in excellent shape inclding hatches. This version has the better composite seat, excellent layup from new owners. One of the better boats designed for expeditioning for full size folks, not for the tiny or the larger paddler, its Explorer sized.

Price: $2,300.00

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Used Impex Assateague Standard layup – Red/White/Blk

Larger sea kayak for the 190 to 275 lb paddler. Greenland style, 3 VCP hatchs, 2 oval and 1 round day hatch all in good shape, full deck lines, wire slider skeg fully operable. Very decent paddling boat for the larger paddler with good cockpit ingress/egress from 16”x30” cockpit. Traditional sharp ends and rounded hull are forgiving. This boat was bought new by now retired paddler, who took excellent care and feeding of it. MIKCo performed a simple repair seen in photos, and added a bow keel strip. Hatches in good shape. Silva 70P compass installed. With Seals neo/nylon skirt, paddle float and Werner carbon crank, 215 cm, 2 piece.

17’10” x 22.5” x 59 lbs x 95 US Gal.

Assateague with skirt and float – $1200
Assateague with skirt and float and Werner 215 carbon crank, 2 piece w adjustable feather – $1500

Price: $950.00

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